What Kind of Support is Provided?

You are entitled to the following kind of support via the forum and helpdesk system…

We will support you to get up and running with your software product membership, with the current version of WordPress at the time of purchase, doing the things that the software product was designed to do.

Support that is provided at our discretion

When you are using the forum or helpdesk system, you will often see the theme / plugin author and other helpful members providing support for some of the things we say ‘are not included’ (see further down this page) . These things are provided ‘at our discretion’.

When seeking assistance:

  • Do make sure you have checked the user guide and searched the forum for answers first.
  • Please be polite; remember a real person is giving you a real piece of their time for free to help you.
  • Be clear, and concise. Its so much easier to help you if you explain clearly what the problem is.

The following types of support are not included… (but are sometimes provided at our discretion)

  • Installation support for every blog you create
    • Some members like to create lots of web sites. Of course we are happy for you to do that, and, while you are completely free to do so,  we can only support you with a single installation (unless your purchased membership explicitly states that we will support you with a specific number of installations). While you can install our software on unlimited sites this does not mean we will support you with unlimited sites, or provide support to your clients who have purchased a site you have created. If you are installing our products on your clients sites then they must purchase their own membership if they wish to have access to HeatMapTheme.com membership areas and complimentary support.
  • Requests for theme tweaks, customisations, or additional functionality
    • Our products are designed to be complete as-is at the time of purchase and we are happy to support the theme as-is. If you want to make it do something different, please don’t expect we are going to provide a customisation service for you.
  • Tuition for PHP, CSS, FTP, HTML and WordPress itself
    • There are lot of things that WordPress Users need to know about. We are not here to teach you those things. We are here to help you specifically with the products we have created.
  • Additional Plugins
    • There are a myriad of plugins for WordPress and an infinite number of ways to use them. Our products are designed to work on a clean install of the WordPress version available at the time of purchase. We do not provided support for additional plugins or guarantee our products will work with all plugins.