HeatMap AdAptive Pro Membership
Basic Version (download)
Priority Support Direct from the Developers
HeatMap AdAptive Pro Plugin (upgrades theme with extra features)
The HeatMap Pro Plugin adds extra features to HeatMap AdAptive. No need to change themes. Just add the Pro plugin and new features will appear in your HeatMap AdAptive options page.
BONUS: Click Missile Ads Plugin (upgrades theme with extra ad placement features and mobile ad display features)
Click Missile plugin adds extra ad placement features to HeatMap AdAptive. If your site gets mobile traffic then this plugin is a must as it automatically detects mobiles and switches in your mobile ads, keeping your site and ads looking great even on small screens.
Theme Colour Schemes
17 Colour Schemes
2 Colour Schemes
Custom Logo Upload
Custom Link Colour
Font Styles
25 Font Styles
3 Font Styles
Ad Widget Positions
16 Ad Widget Positions
HeatMap AdAptive Pro adds the extra widget positions in the hottest areas for mobiles. Click Missile plugin also adds the capability to inject ad widgets within the content of pages and posts, right where people are reading.
9 Ad Widget Positions
Click Missile 'super' ad widget
Display Mobile Ads when mobile visitor is detected
HeatMap AdAptive basic ad widget
Sitewide Column Layouts
4 Layouts
4 Layouts
Additional Sitewide Layout Options for home, pages and posts
With HeatMap Adaptive Pro you have the additional option to set the column layout for all pages, all posts and the home page. Individual page layouts can be set using the page templates included with HeatMap AdAptive.
Full Width Navigation Bar background option
Custom Theme Width option
Selectable Featured Page
Indvidually turn off display of menu bars
HeatMap AdAptive Pro allows you turn off the header, footers and navigation bars to create a completely minimal low distraction website or blog.
Indivdually turn off display of post date, author, categories, tags, comments and featured images
If you are making a 'traditional' web site rather than a blog HeatMap AdAptive Pro allows you to easily turn off all the blog style elements sitewide to leave you with a clean and minimal looking low distraction website.
Social network buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google , Youtube and Linked In
Like buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google
Custom CSS override option
Insert scripts HTML HEAD and above HTML BODY (useful for stats tracking scripts etc)
Access to Official Downloads Area
Keep your blog safe and secure by getting your HeatMap Adaptive downloads only direct from the official source,
Access to Members User Guide
Install on Unlimited Numbers of Sites
Flip HeatMap AdAptive Sites without restrictions
If you make a site using HeatMap AdAptive you are free to sell your site without restrictions.
One Click Theme Credits removal
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