HeatMap Theme Pro v5 Features List

‘Laser Targetted’ Ad Placement

You can now place ads anywhere within individual pages or posts using the new HMT Ads button in the WordPress post and page Visual and HTML editor.

Ad Rotation within HeatMap Ads

By using the [ROTATE] tag within your HeatMap Ad Widget you can combine multiple ads which will change randomly everytime the page is reloaded. Using the [NOCACHE] tag you can even have rotating ads when you are running a cacheing plugin.

NEW Ultimate Authority Pro Skins

HeatMap Theme gets a whole new look with these new Pro Skins. Ultimate Authority skins look like they mean business! Your sites will command the respect they deserve.

New Social Features

You can now add Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Google +1 buttons to your posts. Also Google Plus is now available as a social network button in your nav bar.

Affiliate Review Site Features

If you are creating review sites then you will love the new buttons that can be placed on the home page at the end of each post, and featured images that can be automatically linked to affiliate sites.

Import/Export Plugin

Made the perfect HeatMap Theme setup? Now you can export your HeatMap Theme settings and then import them into new blogs quickly to set up your very own army of HeatMap sites. When used in conjunction with WordPress’s built-in import/export function it makes reproducing sites almost like magic!

Options Page Makeover

HeatMap has now had a usability makeover. Goodbye to the long options page! (unless you really want one). HeatMap Ad Widgets and other special HeatMap Widgets are also editable within the Widget manager. Some option switches have been automated to make things easier

SEO Features

The new SEO plugin option allows HeatMap to just get the heck out of the way if you want to use an external SEO plugin. If you choose to use HeatMaps internal SEO features then they are now even easier to use. Custom Fields begone!

Select which Categories will Show

You can now select the post categories to show on your home page, and also limit the Recent Posts Plus widget allows you to select specific featured categories.

Logo and Favicon Uploader

You can now upload your logo and favicon directly from the options page.

Page and Post Templates

All page templates are now available for posts too. There is also a new ‘Page/Post Ads Off’ template which allows you to switch off all ads and sidebars for information pages such as Privacy Statements.

Head CSS option

You can now add CSS tweaks directly to the theme without editing files.

Other Cool Features

Drop Down menus

You can create custom drop down menus using the WordPress Menu Manager. The theme will also automatically create menus from your pages and categories hierarchy

Child Theme compatible

HeatMap Theme allows the creation of Child Themes (aka Pro Skins). If you are an advanced WordPress tweaker you will appreciate the ability to override CSS and template files.

Fully Translatable

The theme itself is fully translatable.

Pro v5 Dashboard Options

The following is a comprehensive list of the options found within the theme dashboard:

Appearance Menu Features

  • Menu Manager
  • Header Manager
  • Background Manager

Home Page Options

  • Featured Page
  • Full Width Featured Page
  • Hide Sidebar
  • Hide Featured Page Title
  • Hide Featured Page Details
  • Hide Posts
  • Hide Post Details
  • Hide Posts Comments #
  • Auto Excerpt Length
  • Include Post Categories (selects which post categories show on home page)

SEO Options (home page and sitewide)

  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Assign H1 tag (site title, tagline, featured page or manual setting)
  • Assign H2 to page titles (useful when H1 is assigned elsewhere)
  • Assign H2 to post titles (useful when H1 is assigned elsewhere)
  • Home Page SEO text (appears immediately beneath <body> tag)
  • Indexing (what kind of pages/posts allowing indexing)

SEO Options (pages / posts)

  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • SEO Text (appears immediately beneath <body> tag)
  • More Text (customises ‘read more’ links)

Affiliate Link Features (for review sites)

  • Affiliate Links Text (for the click thru button)
  • Affililate Link (where the visitor goes when they click button)
  • Affiliate Link nofollow
  • Feature Image Links (where the visitor goes when they click the image)
  • Feature Image Link nofollow

Theme Structure

  • Squeeze Mode (makes theme thinner)
  • No Sidebars Mode
  • Switch Sidebar (can be left or right)

Header and Logo

  • Logo Upload
  • Logo Alt Text
  • Favicon Upload
  • Hide Header
  • Hide Site Title and Tagline

Navigation Options

  • Navigation Style (above or below header, or wide across full screen)
  • Search Position (page nav bar or categories nav bar)
  • Pages to exlude (pages to be exluded from auto generated menus)
  • Categories to exclude (categories to be exluded from auto generated menus)
  • Hide Page navigation bar
  • Hide Categories navigation bar
  • Hide Search

Pages and Posts

  • Display of titles, details and comments (can be set sitewide)
  • Title Inline (protects Google TOS in some configs)
  • Title safety underlining (protects Google TOS in some configs)

Footer Options

  • Footer Text (set text for all footers)
  • Hide Footer / Sub Footer

Featured Images

  • Home page, Categories and Archives (aligned left, right or off)
  • Pages (aligned left, right or off)
  • Posts (aligned left, right or off)

Google Options

  • Google Custom Search
  • Analytics Tracker Code

Social Network Icons

  • RSS / Social Icons Position (pages navigation or categories navigation bar)
  • Feedburner
  • Social Icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube)
  • Like buttons (Google+1, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Hide RSS and Social buttons

Header and Footer Locking (advanced)

  • Header Lock (makes menu bars non-scrolling on screen)
  • Header Lock Offset
  • Header Lock Only
  • Display Header Lock Bar
  • Display Sub Header Lock Bar
  • Footer Lock
  • Footer Lock Offset
  • Display Footer Lock Bar
  • Display Sub Footer Lock Bar

Additional Scripts

  • Additional Scripts (place JS in head)
  • Head CSS (place CSS in head)

Page and Post Templates

  • No Ads
  • Blog
  • Google Search Results
  • Full Width
  • No Left/Right Widgets
  • No Thumbs
  • Auto Intro
  • Sitemap

Pro v5 Special Widgets

  • Recent Posts Plus (thumbnailed recent posts with advance functionality)
  • RSS Icons (includes RSS Icons and Social Icons)
  • Feedburner (simple Feedburner signup form)

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