Ad Layout Examples

HeatMap Theme has always been about giving you tons of options for experimenting with your ad placement. HeatMap AdAptive can be used to create whole range of different ad widget layouts (not just the examples you see here on this demo!).

Experiment, tweak and tune to find the optimum ad placement configuration for your site.

To learn how to construct these layouts and get inspiration for how to construct your own ad widget layouts purchase a Pro Membership and visit the HeatMap AdAptive Members Area for tips.

Google Best Practice Inspired Examples

The following ad layout examples have been directly inspired by the Google recommendations:

Home Page Layouts:

Best Practice Home (a)
Features ads in the hottest positions

Best Practice Home (b)
Quieter layout with rectangle ads in the right sidebar

Page / Post Layouts

Best Practice Post (a)
Hot rectangle at the top with a rectangle to catch attention at the bottom of the post

Best Practice Post (b)
Less aggressive layout with a top rectangle right aligned and rectangle at bottom of post.

Best Practice Post (c)
Demonstrates the use of link units, push down featured image and large skyscraper

Google HeatMap Inspired Examples

These ad layout examples have been inspired by the famous Google ad placement heatmap.

Home Page Layouts

Heatmap Hot Zone Home (a)
Features ads in the hottest positions, this time using the Leaderboard

Heatmap Hot Zone Home (b)
The featured page is entirely surrounded by ads in the hot positions

Page / Post Layouts

Heatmap Hot Zone Post (a)
Ads in the hot positions with title above ads rather than inline

Heatmap Hot Zone Post (b)
Post Layout similar to Best Practice Home (a) but with three columns instead of two

More Ad Placement Examples

Here are some extra ad placement examples for ideas and inspiration.

Home Page Layouts

Blog Post Ad Divider (a)
Ads used to divide between the blog posts 

Blog Post Ad Divider (b)
Ads placed within the content of the blog posts

Page / Post Layouts

Hot Zone Push Down Post (a)
Push down featured image and use of link units

Header Banner Post (a)
Banner ad used in the header

Skinny Hot Zone Post (a)
Ads in the hot positions using a narrower theme width

Skinny Hot Zone Post (b)
Rectangle ads used in a narrow format

Top and Tail Post (a)
Banner ads immediately above and below the content

Experiment to make up your own ad widget placements!