Click Missile Widget Positions (Pro)

Extra Ad Widget Power

When you add Click Missile to your site you get extra in-content ad widget positions, as demonstrated on this page. Each widget position can be aligned left, right, float left, float right, center or none on a site wide basis. You can also specify how far apart the widget positions are by setting the Paragraph Detection parameter. The higher the value you give to this parameter, the further apart the ad widget positions are spaced in terms of paragraphs.

Automatic Mobile Ad Switching

Of course one of the major benefits of Click Missile plugin is that it allows you to automatically switch your site to displaying mobile sized ads when your site is being viewed on a mobile device. If you view this particular page on your mobile right now you will see that the ads change. Its really easy to do. You just create an ad for mobile devices and tick on a box that tells Click Missile that its a mobile ad. Then when you come to create a Click Missile ad widget you just select your ad from the mobile ads drop down.

For the more observant among you…

If you’ve been looking closely at HeatMap AdAptive and Click Missile you might have noticed that the Post (in-content) and Click Missile (top) positions appear to be exactly the same. While it is true they essentially appear in the same position on the screen they are actually slightly different. The Click Missile (top) widget in a structural sense is injected into the post content itself, whilst the Post (in-content) position sits outside of the content. This means that the Click Missile (top) widget has additional alignment options, whereas the Post (in-content) position always stays on the left of the content. So if you need extra placement flexibility go for the Click Missile (top) position.

Here’s the really good news!

Click Missile is included as part of your HeatMap AdAptive Pro membership, so not only do you get extra features for HeatMap AdAptive when you upgrade to Pro, you also get an extra ad placement turbo boost with Click Missile. Additionally, if you want to benefit from mobile ads when your visitors view your site on their phones then Click Missile is the only way to go.