Ad Widget Positions Demo

This page reveals all HeatMap AdAptive Pro Widget Positions.

Each available position is inspired by Google’s own ad placement recommendations.

Used wisely you can easily balance visitor experience with ad display. Experiment to find your own ideal layout.

Click Missile Plugin for more in-content widget positions

For additional in-content ad widget positions and mobile ads widgets install the Click Missile plugin. Its included with your HeatMap AdAptive Pro membership.

View the additional widget positions you get with Click Missile installed

Some More Demo Content

The True Gentleman is one whose nature has been fashioned after the highest models.  It is a grand old name, that of Gentleman, and has been recognized as a rank and power in all stages of society.  “The Gentleman is always the Gentleman,” said the old French General to his regiment of Scottish gentry at Rousillon, “and invariably proves himself such in need and in danger.”

To possess this character is a dignity of itself, commanding the instinctive homage of every generous mind, and those who will not bow to titular rank, will yet do homage to the gentleman.  His qualities depend not upon fashion or manners, but upon moral worth—not on personal possessions, but on personal qualities.  The Psalmist briefly describes him as one “that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.”