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WordPress Ads and Scripts Insertion Plugin

( Now with Bonus Adsense Split-Test Mastery Training! )

In-content Ad Placement Using Shortcodes

Click Missile is so useful you will wonder how you ever got by without it! It’s great for ad scripts and adsense but also much more

  • Need to insert ‘buy’ buttons for Jvzoo, Click Bank or Paypal in your pages right where you need them? Use Click Missile!
  • Need an email signup script in a specific post? Grab Click Missile!
  • Want a banner ad in the content of just on one particular page? Click Missile to the Rescue!

“Click Missile is your new SECRET WEAPON!”

Click Missile WordPress Ads Plugin

Click Missile adds an awesome arsenal of ad placement options to WordPress.

  • The easiest way to place specific ads and scripts within the content of individual pages and posts
  • Super powerful ad widget allows precise control over where ads and scripts show in content and sidebars
  • Precisely target ad widgets for posts in specific categories
  • Automatic Mobile ad switching when a mobile smartphone is detected
  • Integrates with Google Analytics Adsense Split Testing Experiments
  • Loads of easy to use ad placement power for Niche site creators and Bloggers without feature bloat

See the demo videos below to discover more about this cool plugin!

Easy Ad Creation

Creating an ad in Click Missile is as easy as creating a WordPress post. Note: Click Missile isn’t just for ads! Any kind of script or html snippet can be injected into posts using Click Missile.

Easy to use WordPress Ad manager

In-Content Ad placement using Shortcodes

The powerful CMADS button injects and aligns ads exactly where you want them in your WordPress pages and posts.

In-content Ad Placement Using Shortcodes

Click Missile Ad Widgets

Click Missile includes possibly the most powerful WordPress Ad Widget ever created.

Click Missile Ad Widgets

In-content Ad Widget Positions

Click Missile adds 5 extra widget positions to any theme, directly within the post content.

In Content Ad Widget Positions

Mobile Device Detection with Ad Switching

Click Missile can cleverly detect mobile devices and switch in different ads to suit the device.

Mobile Device Detection and Automatic Ad Switching

New Feature! – Adsense Experiments split testing with Google Analytics

If Google told you precisely which Adsense ad placements will work best for your site would you listen? Yes of course you would!

That’s why Click Missile Pro v4 now includes integration with Google Analytics Adsense experiments.

Our BONUS Adsense Split Test Mastery Video Course (included with Click Missile Membership) guides you every step of the way.

When you set up adsense split testing experiments with Click Missile Pro you can discover precisely which adsense ad layouts work best for your site at the individual page and post level.

Google Analytics Adsense Split Testing

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