Ultimate SiloStorm Pro Silo SEO Theme for WordPress – Official Public Launch Coming Soon

News Update – Ultimate Silostorm has now been launched!
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Hi all,

The public launch for our newest theme ‘Ultimate Silo Storm Pro’ will be ready for liftoff soon.

Just in case you haven’t heard about Ultimate SiloStorm Pro here’s the inside story:

Just before Christmas HeatMap Theme member Lawrence emailed me and asked…

“Stu…there’s plenty of room for a theme that silo’s posts…a silo theme that’s responsive would kill it! I know it would be a hell of a job as WP doesn’t silo natively…but a theme with the right widgets and plugins would do the trick. Yeah…there are ways to do it…but most are beyond us non coders…and I know Heatmap sort of does this already…Your thoughts?”

If you are not quite sure what Silo SEO is here’s a great little introduction I found on Internet Marketing Success Center (its a quick read) The Silo Structure

I researched the idea and did a lot of head scratching…. Silo SEO seems simple enough. Just give Google exactly what it wants by carefully constructing a site around carefully linked content groups. Its logical, common sense and the benefits are obvious…
It’s really hard to do with a regular WordPress Theme!

Why so hard?
The whole concept of Siloing is based around containing content and related links within thematic keyword groups, but WordPress with its categories, tags, archives, menu bars and all manner of widgets breaks the silo concept immediately.

If you actually go to the trouble of drawing a diagram describing the links in your WordPress site you’ll probably find that the structure is zig zagged with link arrows going here there and everywhere. Its hard enough for a person to understand. Imagine how hard it must be for an automated search indexing bot to figure out!

And that’s the important thing to remember…
Automated search bots are indexing your site to make sense of it. The silo web architecture concept makes it easy for the bots to index your site and figure out the relationships between yourcontent. If done well, then your site has a potential advantage over all the other sites that have not grouped their content similarly.

So I rolled up my sleeves…
I developed a new theme specifically for Silo SEO sites. Its super simple and makes creating these kinds of sites a doddle. Yes, its responsive too, looks great, and of course like any theme I create its got lots of ad widget positions.

If I’ve now whetted your appetite for all things silo then here are some more authoritative articles on the subject of Siloing: