Ultimate SiloStorm Pro Answers

Got questions about our upcoming new theme? Here are some answers…

So What is SiloStorm?

SiloStorm Theme makes it super easy to build Silo SEO style websites using WordPress.

Here are some quotes from the SEO experts about Siloing…

“A well put-together site architecture (especially a silo structure) helps Google thematically organize your content.”
Brian Dean Google Ranking Factors, The Complete List

“Siloing a website will serve to clarify your website’s subject relevance and will lay the groundwork for high keyword rankings.” – Bruce Clay – Theming through Siloing
(Bruce’s article is considered one of the ‘go to’ evergreen articles about the subject)

Even Matt Cutts (Head of Google Web Spam Team) gave us specific clues about how Google likes us to create websites when he says “I prefer a tree like architecture, where everything branches out in nice even paths and its also good if things are broken down by topic…” – Matt Cutts on Themed Website Architecture – YouTube

Siloing is an evergreen white hat SEO technique and effectively gives Google what it wants’ so your site has the potential to rank higher.

How does SiloStorm help with Siloing?
SiloStorm allows you to easily create Silo Sites using either Category and Post based silos or Page based Silos. Your sidebar and intra-post navigation links stay ‘in-silo’ to retain maximum link juice within your content, helping search engines to figure out the theme of your content and give it the rank it deserves.

Can I use SiloStorm just as a regular theme?
Yes. When you first activate SiloStorm on your site it will operate as a great looking regular theme, but with the added advantage of an SEO’d breadscrumbs bar and related posts navigation. It works best though when you only have one category assigned to each post.

Only when you are ready to ‘start Siloing’ do you tick the ‘SiloStorm Mode’ option so that the theme can do its specialist

Is SiloStorm a Mobile Responsive Theme?
Yes, in fact its based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework which means its right up to date with today’s slick and super-minimal web style. Its vitally important to have a mobile responsive site as experts agree that mobile compatibility is now an important signal for Google rankings.

Does SiloStorm have lots of Ad Widget positions?
Yes. In fact it actually has some new ones that haven’t been seen in our themes before… right in between posts on the home page and categories pages. To get the best out of SiloStorm’s ad widget positions use our Click Missile plugin.

Ultimate SiloStorm will be lauched publicly very soon.