HeatMap AdAptive 1.4.5 and Pro Plugin 1.1.2 are now the official stable release

HeatMap AdAptive v1.4.5 (basic version) and HeatMap AdAptive Pro Plugin v1.1.2 are now available.

The main new features were described in the beta release post.

Basic Version users should note that the following features have now been migrated from within the basic version into the HeatMap AdAptive Pro Plugin.

These are:

  • Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Like Buttons
  • Custom CSS override, Header Scripts and End of Body Scripts

The reason for this is that HeatMap AdAptive basic version has now been submitted to the WordPress Theme Repository and as such it must comply with WordPress Theme standards. A new rule was created by the WordPress Theme Review team recently which means that new themes are not allowed to include functionality which strays into ‘Plugin Territory’, therefore some plugin territory features had to be migrated into the pro plugin so the theme will pass muster with WordPress.

Having said that we hope you will enjoy the subtle new look, feel and usability improvements in HeatMap AdAptive.

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