HeatMap AdAptive Theme and Pro Plugin Beta Updates

New beta versions of HeatMap AdAptive Theme and the Pro Plugin are now available in the members downloads area (log in and then scroll down to the beta downloads area).

So whats new?

Featured Page and Category Description Highlighting

The featured page and category descriptions now have a background colour so that they are easier to distinguish from the rest of the posts on the page, and as a bonus this draws more attention to any ad placed in the POST CONTENT or POST INLINE widget positions.

New POST CONTENT and POST INLINE widget position logic

Previously these widget positions would ONLY appear on pages and posts. They did not appear anywhere else. This has changed. Widgets in these positions will now appear in the following ways…

  • On Page and Posts (as per usual)
  • On the Featured Page on the home page (if a featured page is set)
  • On the First Post on the home page (if a featured page is not set)
  • On the Front Page (if a page is set as the home page in SETTINGS > READING)
  • In the Category Archive Description area (make sure you set a category description to see the full effect)

Float Left for Featured Images

The theme is designed so that featured images can stretch across the full width of the content area, however, if you upload images that are smaller than the content width then you might want the text to wrap to the right of the images so that it looks good. There is now a switch for that under the layout settings.

Bigger Social Icons

Sometimes its hard for fat fingers to hit tiny icons on mobiles so with that in mind we’ve increased the size of the social icons.

What else?

  • Improved support for large screen mobile phones (when used in conjunction with Click Missile mobile detection)
  • Taller mobile menus (again for those of us with larger fingers)
  • Site Map page template
  • Single Post Template plugin compatibility
  • HeatMap Options page news updates box (so you can stay in the loop easily)
  • Lots of minor fixes and under the hood code and css styling improvements

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