Mobile Responsive Adsense Ads with Click Missile

Mobile Responsive Adsense Ads with Click Missile

This post introduces a series of video tutorials to help you to ‘go mobile with Click Missile’. We’ll dive into the videos at the bottom of the page, but first lets cover some of the basic principles as to why its a good idea to do this.

Mobile Responsive Ad Widgets: What the heck are they?

One of Click Missile plugin’s great features is its ability to create mobile responsive ad widgets. But, what exactly do I mean though by ‘mobile responsive ad widget’?

In this case I mean the ability to change the ads shown automatically when the plugin detects a mobile smartphone. This is a really useful ‘superpower’ to have when your site is running a mobile wordpress plugin like WPtouch or any WordPress responsive theme such as HeatMap Adaptive.

This superpower solves a number of problems…

PROBLEM: Most Mobile WordPress Plugins Cannot Inject Ads Directly Into Content

Most mobile WordPress plugins and responsive themes are not capable of injecting ads into the actual content of your mobile pages and posts, therefore, you are not showing ads right where your visitors are reading so you are potentially missing out on ad revenue.

SOLUTION: Click Missile allows you to inject mobile responsive ad widgets directly into your content when viewed on mobile smartphone.

PROBLEM: Responsive Themes Serve Up the Wrong Sized Ads

Sure there are themes out there that can change according to the size of the device they are being viewed on, but most of them do not take into account that ads need to change size too when viewed on a mobile device, resulting in a messy looking mobile viewing experience because the ads are the wrong size.

SOLUTION: Click Missile detects when a mobile smartphone is being used and changes your ads to a more suitable size for mobile viewing.

With the above in mind lets get into the video tutorials:

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