High CTR Adsense Theme Strategies (part 4)

High CTR Adsense Theme Strategies (part 4)

Hi CTR Niche Twin Skyscraper

Double your pleasure with this is a variation on the classic double skyscraper adsense layout. Again, this is another ultra minimal low distraction layout. There is little to distract your visitors from seeing your ads and clicking.

Embed links to your other content within the center column to keep visitors eyes ‘ping-ponging’ between the ads on either side as long as possible.

Now available for download in the Members Section of the HeatMap Insider as a Quick Setup File.

The twin 160 x 600 skyscraper ads catch readers as they scan from side to side in the column.

These skyscraper ads are very visible even as your visitor reads down the column.

To keep visitors within the site and to give maximum potential for seeing your ads it might be wise to place links to other content on your site within the main content column.

Because it is embedded within the content this potentially gives the reader an extra split second to notice the ad as their eye scans back across the column to read the rest of the post (in a normal three column layout the readers eye would just drop out of the bottom of column).

The banner ad at the bottom of the page is postioned to catch readers who are looking for more information.