NEW HeatMap Theme Version 2.3 Released

HeatMap Theme 2.3 is now out!

This version tidies up a few issues and adds support for threaded comments (woohoo!)

Things to know…

  • The logic of the ‘Display Title and Tags’ tick box has been ‘inverted’ – It defaults to ‘on’ instead of ‘off’.
  • Time formatting of posts and comments are now set to show whatever defaults you set in your theme admin.
  • Child Theme override of common.php and preset.php now works properly – no need to copy every php file that contains common.php to your child theme anymore if you have made changes to common.php

Minor things

  • Fixed ‘no posts found’ error – when posts are not found there were some situations where the code that displayed the error threw a wobbly – the error should be nice and tidy now.
  • Removed double semicolon error (;;) in style.css
  • Made more room on the categories bar – you should now be able to fit more categories in there.
  • Categories and Pages nav bar overflow – no more annoying artefacts if you try put more categories or pages on the nav and cat bar – excess words will not show.
  • Eliminated the references to missing images in the css.
  • Styling of ol and li lists now looks neater and wraps around ads better.
  • Preset Mode – No longer contains any simulated ads.

For HeatMap Insider Members, this release is teamed with updates for the HeatMap Extras drop downs plugin which now sports 4 levels, and the HeatMap Child Themes which now have appropriately coloured threaded comments styling.

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