HeatMap Theme Drop Down Menus (soon!)

You asked for it and its nearly ready… (patience young Jedi, patience) 😉

Yes HeatMap Theme now has its own drop down menus plugin.

It provides a really neat drop down menu for both pages and categories, with a rather fetching slight transparency to it.

It plugs directly into the new 2.2 release of HeatMap Theme, but those who have modded their 2.1 HeatMap Themes directly (instead of using a Child Theme) need not despair. We will be providing instructions so you can easily slip in the plugin and get those lovely drop downs working.

Everyone who has bought the HeatMap Theme colour pack or donated $35 or more will recieve the new plugin as our complimentary gift to you.

“So”, we hear you say “when can I get my bloggin’ paws on this plugin?”

As soon as HeatMap Theme 2.2 rc2 becomes the official release, we’ll release the Drop Downs plugin at the same time, and we’ll combine it into the HeatMap Theme colour pack.

(**Update 5/9/09 … we’ve decided to make a just few more improvements to the new release of HeatMap Theme 2.2 so it will probably be about a week before its all good to go!)

There’s even more cool stuff coming down the pipe!

If you haven’t grabbed your HeatMap Theme colour pack then this is what you are missing out on:

  • The colour pack of Child Themes makes the task of modding HeatMap Theme sooo much easier!
  • When you have a question you can ask us and a real live expert person who knows heatmap theme inside and out will answer! (thus making things even easier)
  • You’ll receive cool new Heatmap Theme goodies for the next 12 months without paying any extra!

Need more convincing? Check out the testimonials of HeatMap Theme users!

Now over to the store with you poste haste 😉

1 Comment on “HeatMap Theme Drop Down Menus (soon!)

  1. I just wanted to congratulate you on your new theme and all the extras you are adding to it — colors, drop-down menus… what next? All of these improvements seem very well thought out and I am sure will be greatly appreciated by theme users. Please keep up the good work!