HeatMap WordPress Ads Theme now on WP Theme Directory

I’m happy to announce that HeatMap Ads Theme has now been accepted onto the WordPress.com theme directory. Woohoo!


We’re now up to version 2.1. The update is just a update in number, not in functionality. So no need to upgrade straight away from version 2d.

The zip file just needed one adjustment before it was accepted by WordPress.org (damn pesky thumb.db snuck into the zip!), so I had to notch the version number up one so that the WordPress directory knows that a new zip has been submitted.

Now I see the theme actually previewing on the Directory it does look a bit ‘vanilla’ without all its widgets configured. I’ll be creating some extra logic to ensure that HeatMap Theme comes preconfigured with some widgets in place straight out of the ‘zip wrap’ so it looks a little more enticing to look at in preview. Until then of course you can see exactly how HeatMap Theme can look by checking out this site, creativitypro.com and the Heatmap Theme demo.

While I’m at it I’d like to say a warm welcome all new ‘Heatmappers’. We hope you find HeatMap Theme useful in your further Adsense adventures!