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Responsive WordPress Silo Theme
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Maximise the internal linking power of your content
by easily building WordPress sites using evergreen SILO SEO techniques

As Google rolls out UPDATE after UPDATE
only sites with the best and most relevant content will survive
but what can YOU do about it?


But what exactly does Google Want? The answer is simple. The most RELEVANT content. Of course you already understand this and work your fingers to the bone creating fantastic pages and posts BUT in a web overflowing with competitors how can you make your content MORE RELEVANT?


SEO fads may come and go but building sites using Silo Web Architecture has remained EVERGREEN over the years. Ultimate SiloStorm Pro makes it easy to build Silo websites with WordPress.

Lets see what the SEO Gurus have to say…

“Siloing a website will serve to clarify your website’s subject relevance and will lay the groundwork for high keyword rankings.”
Bruce Clay – SEO Siloing: Building a Themed Website

“A well put-together site architecture (especially a silo structure) helps Google thematically organize your content.”
Brian Dean – Google Ranking Factors

Even as far back as 2011 here’s what Google Web Spam team Supremo Matt Cutts had to say:

“I prefer a tree like architecture, where everything branches out in nice even paths… so I think if you break it down by topic but make sure that those topics match well with the keywords that you expect your users to type in when they try to find your page then you should be in pretty good shape.”
Source – YouTube

(Yes, thats exactly what siloing does.)

Again in late 2013 Matt is still giving advice along similar lines:

“Check and make sure that you have a good architecture, you’ve got a home page with well linked static links going to the individual pages of your site, something like a tree like structure that leads to the individual pages can be good, make sure that the pages that are important are just maybe one or two links from your Home Page so that the page rank is still relatively high there.”
Source – YouTube

(Yup, again those are the characteristics of a well silo’ed web site.)

So What Exactly is Siloing?

Siloing is a completely white hat SEO Technique that leverages the internal linking power and keyword relationships between your site content. Its a commonsense approach and when well implemented creates websites that are great for both humans and search bots.

To put it very simply you create keyword themed ‘mini-sites’ within your main site, which when linked together using thoughtfully chosen linking text have the potential to give your main site pages a boost in relevance in the eyes of the search engines.


Most WordPress Themes cannot be used for a Silo based web site as they automatically include linkages which will BREAK any attempts at creating Keyword Themed Silos.

Links to category, tag, author and date archives dilute your precious internal link juice amongst non-relevant pages. Sidebar widgets such as Recent Posts widget will THWART your attempts to create silos as they have no context at all in relation to your post content.


SiloStorm gives you the tools you need to create Keyword Themed Silo Websites and ELIMINATE Silo busting ‘out of silo’ linkages. No complicated plugins to install and configure. It works with regular Categories and Posts, or with the WordPress Page Hierarchy.

Can I see some Demo Sites?

PowerTools Demo
Super simple and uber minimal demo which has been stripped right down to basics so you can see exactly how the theme works with category and post silos.This demo was inspired by the excellent work of the SEO Gurus at Bruce Clay Inc in this post.
MegaDongles Demo
Expanded demo site showing Category and Post based silos, using a featured page on the home page with a nifty link from the ads to the special ‘blank canvas’ template which can be used for sales, squeeze or offer pages.
Creativity Pro
This shows how SiloStorm can be used as a regular theme too. Note the use of Adsense colour blending and Adsense fonts.
‘Home Silo’ Demo
Demo of the SiloStorm Image and Links widgets used to link to the silos directly from the home page using images. Also note the uber minimal styling with the header removed and cool ‘slate’ inverse colour scheme.
Ad Widget Positions Demo
It wouldn’t be a ‘HeatMap Theme’ if it didnt have loads of ad widget positions!Of course this one has lots of positions including some cool new ones right between the blog posts that have never been seen in a HeatMap Theme before – use with Click Missile plugin for max ad control.

Your Ultimate SiloStorm Pro
Membership Includes…

Ultimate SiloStorm Pro Theme

SiloStorm gives you the tools you need to create Keyword Themed Silo Websites.

Video Based Training and Userguide

Learn directly from the Theme Author with access to comprehensive video based SiloStorm theme training.

Install on Unlimited Sites

There’s no restrictions on the amount of sites you can install Ultimate SiloStorm Pro on.

Access to Support and Updates

You get a full year of access to support, updates and the HeatMap Members forum.

Flip your sites with no restrictions

Want to sell your SiloStorm sites for a tidy profit? No Worries!



Power Up SiloStorm with Precision Ad Power!

Click Missile adds an awesome arsenal of ad placement options to Ultimate SiloStorm Pro.

  • Precisely target ad widgets for posts with specific categories (great for Siloing!)
  • The EASIEST way to place specific ads in your WordPress Page and Post content
  • Super powerful ad widget allows precise control over where ads show in content and sidebars
  • Automatic Mobile ad switching when a mobile smartphone is detected
  • Loads of easy to use ad placement power for Niche site creators and Bloggers without feature bloat

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Should I use SiloStorm to build new web sites?

Yes, Ultimate SiloStorm Pro is recommended for building new web sites.

Can I use SiloStorm on an existing ranked site?

When introducing any SEO technique to your existing ranked website it is sensible to ensure that you first fully understand the principles of the technique and how it will apply to your site before implementation. Links to useful Silo SEO resources are provided in the training area.

Can I use SiloStorm to build WordPress Adsense or Niche Sites?

Yes, this theme is from the maker of HeatMap Theme so its also got loads of ad widget positions. Use SiloStorm in combo with Click Missile plugin (included in this offer) for your ad placement needs.

I just like the slick look of the theme. Can I use it to build regular non-silo sites?

Yes, of course. You don’t have to use the siloing features. Just make sure that if you choose to use the breadcrumb feature that your posts are only assigned to one category so the breadcrumb can work most effectively.

How long can I use SiloStorm for?

Our software does not time out or expire. You can use it for as long as you like.

What’s the membership renewal price?

If at the end of 12 months you still want access to updates and support then the renewal price is $27. Membership is non-recurring and there is no obligation renew your membership when your 12 month membership ends.

What platforms does SiloStorm Support?

The Theme is built on Bootstrap 3.1.1 framework which supports these platforms. Ultimate SiloStorm requires the latest version WordPress and is optimized for Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer 9 and 10. SiloStorm does NOT support Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

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