Pro Tip – Random Header Images for HeatMap

Did you know that you can place random background images in your HeatMap Theme header? Its a feature that is easy to miss, but can potentially have lots of possibilities.

The magic happens in the WordPress Header Manager:

WP Admin > Appearance > Header

Then upload your header images (make them 980 x 110 pixels) and then click on the Random button.

See the image below for the location of the button:

WordPress Random Header

Header Images for you to play with

I know you are now dying to try this fun WordPress feature so I quickly created a zip file containing a few spacey looking header images for you to play with right away.


Loads of Possibilities

There a many creative possibilities for this simple feature. Here are some ideas…

  • Create a image which highlights or directly points to your banner ad placed in the [Header] Right position to draw the eye. Don’t do this for adsense though as it breaks the Google TOS; reserve this idea for regular affiliate banners or ad networks where the TOS isnt so strict.
  • Add some interest to your banner by building in clever quotes, comedic elements, or tips.
  • If you have a product based site you might create various kinds of themed header based around images of your products
  • Running a site related to a real location such as a city, lake, mountain, park etc? You could create headers which depict various views in that location.

…and that’s just a few ideas to get you started.

If you come up with an inventive use for this feature drop me a line: info AT

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