NEW HMT Pro v4.0.5 released

Whats New in 4.0.5?

This is point release so it refines and rolls in some existing 4.0.3 mods, adds a few usability refinements, and addresses some bug fixes.

Auto Excerpt Length

This automatically creates a text excerpt from each post for blog posts on the home page, archives, tags, categories and search listings. It will show a featured image with the auto excerpt if one is specified, and you can also specify a custom ‘read more’ link using the ‘more-text’ custom field.

Featured Images Options

Each one of the dropdowns in the featured images options section now has an ‘OFF’ setting. This is useful for autoblog software like wp-robot, which automatically pulls in featured images, but sometimes has images embedded in the posts themselves.

Auto Intro Page Template

A page template is now available which detects the first paragraph of your page and then places the widget positions [Content Item] Left, [Content Item] Right and [Content Item] Above, below that first paragraph. You’ll still need Nathan Rices single post template plugin if you want to do this with posts (for now).

Featured page id

The featured page can now store numeric page id’s or page slugs. Page slugs will be useful when used in conjunction with the soon to now beta released import/export plugin for heatmap.


I have added a Heatmap theme news box to the dashboard, and modified the one on the options page too. You will also see the mini-map of heatmap theme positions has returned and there is a link to the full version if you click on it.

Hide Posts and Sidebar on Home Page option

This option has now been split into two options:

  • Hide posts on Home Page
  • Hide Sidebar on Home page

This just makes the home page a bit more flexible. If you have used this option previously, then just check that everything is still looking as you would like when you upgrade – if needs be reselect these options to get your home page looking as it should.

You can download the latest version in the HeatMap Insider Forum or from the Download link on this page (member access)

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