New HeatMap Theme Pro v4 Import / Export Plugin

New HeatMap Theme Pro v4 Import / Export Plugin

Now in the beta testing area of the members forum…

If you’ve created the perfect HeatMap Theme setup and now you want to duplicate it to other HeatMap Theme Pro v4 blogs then you are now in luck.

The HMT Import / Export plugin is here (beta version!)

In the near future I see lots of potential for this plugin. In the near future when the plugin becomes an official stable release I will be creating some ‘Quick Setup’ files to use with this plugin so that you can instantly configure your HeatMap Theme blog in various different set up styles.

I also see the possibility that members could share their own cool quick setups with other members in the future.

What exactly does the HMT Import/Export Plugin do?

This plugin allows you to export and import the following:

HeatMap Quick Setup

* You will probably use this feature the most. Exports and Imports all your heatmap theme settings including HeatMap Theme Options, Ads, and Widget Settings. If you quickly want to move all your Heatmap theme settings from one wordpress installation to another then this is the export/import for you.

Options Only

Exports and imports the settings of your heatmap options page only.

Ads Only

Exports the settings of your heatmap ads page only.

Widgets Only

Just exports the position and settings of your widgets.

What this plugin does not do…

HMT Import/Export does not export or import your posts, pages or WordPress Settings.

WordPress has its own import/export plugin which does a fine job of handling your pages, posts, menu settings, custom fields etc.

This plugin is specifically for importing and exporting HeatMap Theme Pro v4 settings.

To Download the Plugin

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