HeatMap Ads Theme Makeover for StuartWider.com

My blog has had a HeatMap Theme makeover!

My blog has had a HeatMap Theme makeover!

I’ve finally had time to make over stuartwider.com (my personal blog site). Naturally it’s entirely built on HeatMap Theme, using the power of Child Themes so I didn’t have to touch the core code, not even a tiny bit!

When I get a spare minute I’ll create a tutorial to show you how it was done. It feels very ‘me’ (sorta retro colour 80’s).

I built HeatMap Ads Theme specifically so it could be a ‘blank canvas’ for monetised themeing adventures, especially the ‘wallpaper image’. By popping a new wallpaper in the theme you can quickly create a very individual look.

Let me know what you think, and if you are on a WordPress themeing adventure of your own with HeatMap Theme drop us a line.

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