Click Missile Ads Plugin for WordPress

Precision Ad Power for any Theme

Click Missile gives you an awesome new arsenal of ad placement options for your WordPress blog or niche site (no theme editing required!)

If you have ever wished there was an easier and quicker way to place ads right where you want them within your WordPress pages, posts and widget positions then get ready for lift off! We created Click Missile just for you! Works with Mobile too! If you are using a WordPress mobile plugin or responsive theme Click Missile automatically switches ads when your site is viewed on a mobile smartphone.

About Click Missile…

  • The EASIEST way to place specific ads in your WordPress Page and Post content!
  • Super powerful ad widget allows precise control over where ads show in content and sidebars
  • Precisely target ad widgets for posts with specific categories
  • Mobile plugin and responsive theme compatible.
  • Automatic Mobile ad switching when a mobile smartphone is detected
  • Loads of easy to use ad placement power for Niche site creators and Bloggers without feature bloat.

Check out these Awesome Features…

Click Missile Super Ad Widget

Click Missile Super Ad Widget

Experience the power to decide exactly which pages and posts your ad widgets will appear on. Click Missile even gives you the freedom to display ad widgets based on the categories or tags assigned to a post.

The Click Missile Button

The Click Missile Ads Button

Inject your ads directly into pages and posts precisely where you need them to appear. Align ads individually to suit the unique needs of your content.

Widget Positions In Your Content

WordPress Widget Positions In Your Content

Inject ads across all your pages and posts automatically by using Click Missile in-content widget positions (content top, bottom and after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd paragraphs in the post).

Inject ads into your Mobile Content

Supports Ad Placement in WordPress Mobile Plugins

Don’t miss out on the Mobile revolution. Your mobile site needs ads too but not just any ad will do! Click Missile is smart enough to switch to a mobile sized ad when your site is being viewed on a phone.

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