Everything About Organic Traffic Every Site Owner Should Know

Everything About Organic Traffic Every Site Owner Should Know
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Organic traffic is traffic sent to a website from search engines for free. This typically happens when the search engines like the content on the site. This type of traffic usually accounts for over 80% of the total clicks on a search engine page. Organic search results appear on a search engine based on their relevance to the search query. Major search engines attest to the fact that many of their users tend to click on the organic results when compared to the ads. This is one reason that every website owner who wants to be in business wants to have organic traffic on his site more than anything else.

Black hat SEO techniques, on the other hand, refer to methods used by individuals and companies to gain high rankings by breaking some search engine optimization rules while at it. In short, Black SEO is getting rankings in an unethical manner. When search engines catch a site using these methods, they normally penalize it. This method unlike organic traffic focuses on the search engine and not on the human audience.

For any website to have good rankings, white hat SEO should be applied. Every site owner should spend time improving on organic SEO as opposed to the unethical methods. Below are black hat SEO techniques that every site owner should avoid.

Keyword stuffing

Organic SEO is all about content and keywords. However, when the keywords are overstuffed they do not look natural. Every site owner should strive to write content that is for the humans to read and not the search engine spiders to index.


This technique is used when a site owner tends to show different content to crawlers than what is displayed on the site. In many instances, when a search engine proves that a page is using this on-page optimization technique, it gets banned.

Spinning articles

When many site owners think of how to increase website traffic, many are misled to try this technique. They post a unique version of content on the site by rewriting content that is already in existence. This method reduces the quality of the content completely.

At the end of the day, everyone who wants to get some good rankings online can get them if only the right techniques are followed. Just like in any other area, the internet requires patience and hard work. Every site owner should only use natural and allowed search engine optimization tips to increase on his site’s traffic and rankings.