Google Adsense Gets New Fonts (and so does HeatMap AdAptive Pro v1.1.5!)

HeatMap AdAptive Pro v1.1.5 gets new font settings to match the new Google Adsense fonts

At long last the Google Adsense Team have given us new fonts for our Adsense ads!

It seems like we’ve been stuck with Verdana, Arial and Times Roman since the dawn of time, but now finally we have some new and rather more modern looking options to play with…


The first new Google font we saw appear was Open Sans, but this has now been joined by Open Sans Light, Roboto Light, Ubuntu Light and Lora, and so HeatMap AdAptive Pro v1.1.5 has been updated to include these as selectable font options.

Ad Blending is as Important As Ever

The new HeatMap AdAptive Pro font settings will help you to ‘blend’ your ads with your content. Make sure that you match the font you are using with your Adsense ads with the font that your using for your content on your site.

If you have the HeatMap AdAptive Pro Plugin installed then you will find the new Adsense compatible font options under the Style Tab of the HeatMap AdAptive options page.

So, now you have no excuses for keeping those crusty old Adsense fonts. Its time to give your site a font makeover.

Enjoy the new Adsense Font options and HeatMap Adaptive fonts setting!