Google announces faster page loads with asynchronous Adsense ads

The big news from Google this week is that Adsense now supports ‘asynchronous ad code’.

Unless you’re an uber geek you’re probably scratching your head right now and thinking ‘so what does that mean for me Stuart?’.

I’ll explain. You’ve probably already noticed this, but when you put regular adsense ads in your site it tends to slow things down because adsense ads sometimes ‘block’ elements of your web page from loading. The new asynchronous ad code from Google (still in beta, but available for you to use right now) reduces this ‘blocking’ and allows the rest of your page to load, even if the ads themselves are a bit slow.

The new asynchronous ad code is completely different from the current adsense code, and rather enticingly allows for CSS styling of ad sizes. This is great news for responsive web sites. Imagine being able to control the size of your ads purely through CSS!

Okay, so now I’ve whet your appetite for the new beta adsense code its time to try it for yourself.

Here’s the official announcement from Google, and for a more technical explanation check out the Google Developers blog.

I’ve created a tutorial so you can use CSS styling to put this new code to work in your responsive theme. Visit the Responsive Asynchronous Adsense Tutorial.

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