Google Allows Responsive Modification of Adsense Ad Code

After much online debate and speculation Google has now officially changed its policy on modification of Adsense code to allow for responsive design, A/B testing and setting custom channels dynamically.

The announcement appeared on the Inside Adsense blog on 23rd May 2013 in the post Updates to our ‘Modifying Ad Code’ policy.

The Adsense team have even published example snippets that we can use for the newly permitted techniques in the Help Center.

What does this announcement mean for you?

This announcement means that you can implement Adsense code using approved javascript which changes ad sizes according to the size of the visitors screen. This is especially useful for responsive web sites (ie web sites that adapt to the size of whatever device its being viewed on such as Desktop computer, tablet or mobile smartphone).

Responsive adsense javascript solves some responsive ad problems…

Right now I see that the major benefit will be for desktop and tablet ad display, especially for banner ads which are most affected by the width of the display.

…but ads for mobile phones often need completely different placement

Mobile phones generally have much smaller screens and therefore effective ad placement for these devices often needs to be in completely different position on the page than a desktop or tablet. Just making ads respond is not enough. Ads need to actually re-position themselves automatically on the screen.

Click Missile plugin’s mobile device ad switching capability is useful in this case as it can switch ads on and off according to whether the site is being viewed on a mobile or a desktop/tablet.

Start experimenting with HeatMap AdAptive and Click Missile

If you’re using HeatMap AdAptive or Click Missile plugin you can get started right away with these kinds of code snippets. Just paste your modified adsense code snippets direct into an ad widget and begin experimenting.

Don’t forget to also experiment with using Click Missile’s mobile ad switching  too to make sure your adsense ads appear in your most effect mobile ad positions.

2 Comments on “Google Allows Responsive Modification of Adsense Ad Code

  1. Hi, I bought heatmap pro in 2011, should I bought the new adaptive this year? is it easy to change the theme? is it a must if I want my site displayed well in mobile and tablet

    • Hi Robert,
      Times change and so do theme standards so yes I would recommend moving over to AdAptive. You have remember AdAptive is an entirely different theme to HeatMap Pro, much simpler in the options, but more powerful and framework like under the hood. What they do have in common is that they are both packed with lots of ad ready widget positions. As ever if you need any tips when changing over just post them in the forum and I’ll help you get rocking and rolling with it to get it working to your liking.

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