Migrating HMT Pro v5 Meta Descriptions to HMT AdAptive

In days gone by it was all the rage to build SEO settings into themes and HeatMap Pro v5 was no exception to the fashion of the day. The new HeatMap AdAptive though does not have SEO settings built in (apart from very sensibly structured html elements) and for good reason.

We’ve all come to realise that adding SEO settings to themes effectively locks you into that theme. So for example if you change your theme then all your carefully worded meta descriptions would either have to be redone or you’ll have to find a way to move your SEO data from the theme to another theme or plugin. That could be a bit inconvenient.

Of course there is a solution…

With that in mind I have modded an existing free WordPress plugin called SEO Data Transporter (original available on the WordPress Plugins Directory) so that you can move your HeatMap Pro v5 meta descriptions from HeatMap Pro v5 to one of the many excellent SEO plugins that are now available, and so you can continue to use the same meta descriptions with HeatMap AdAptive.

The modded version of SEO Data Transporter is available in the HeatMap AdAptive Mods Forum.

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