Mobile Responsive Adsense with Click Missile: Tutorial 4

Mobile Responsive Adsense with Click Missile: Tutorial 4

Fine Tuning Click Missile Ad Placement

In this final part of this tutorial series we will show you how to fine tune Click Missile ad placement by aligning the widget positions and setting the minimum paragraph size.

Using these tips you’ll quickly be able to get your ads displaying neatly to suit the content of your site.

Things to know:

Ad Alignment

By default Click Missile assigns no alignment to ad widgets placed in Click Missile widget positions. If you want to select a specific alignment (eg. so that text wraps around the ad) then you can set it in WP-Admin > Click Missile > Settings.

Of course, when you view your ads with a mobile device they will always be centered and sitting between paragraphs; alignment only affects ad widgets when viewed on a tablet or desktop.

Paragraph Size

When you are using Click Missile Widget Positions 1, 2 or 3, this places a widget at the end of the first, second or third paragraph in a post, however, it can look a little weird if the first paragraph in your posts tends to be very short. For this reason the minimum paragraph size setting is available. Increasing this setting has the effect of pushing ads more paragraphs down the page.

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