New Click Missile WordPress Ads Plugin

New Click Missile WordPress Ads Plugin

Click Missile is a great new upgrade for your HeatMap Theme Pro membership.

The new Click Missile Plugin gives you a massive amount of new ad placement options. If you want the most ad placement power possible from HeatMap Theme, then you need Click Missile!

Here’s what our valiant test pilot RobertD said about this new plugin when he got his hands on it…

“the control when the ad’s are displayed is so good. This is the best I have ever used on controlling how my ads display and when where and so much more. This is GREAT Stuart.”

Hey Stuart, Tell me more!

Okay, here’s a quick overview of some of the great features

  • NEW Ad Editor – Unlimited number of ads!
  • NEW Super Ad Widget with loads more options and mobile ad support
  • Ads can show according to Categories and Tags assigned to a post
  • NEW CM ADS Button with Mobile ad support
  • NEW Widget Positions within Page and Post content

Yup, I’m really interested… Tell me even more!

Click Missile Super Ad Widget

Click Missile Plugin includes the new super ad widget which you’ll find directly inside your WordPress Widget Manager.

Here’s a diagram of the main features…

Click Missile Super Ad Widget

Mobile Smarts for the Click Missile Ad Widget

The Click Missile ad widget is so smart that it knows when your site is being viewed on a mobile, and switches your ad automatically to the mobile version of the ad, so that you make the most of ad revenue from your mobile site. 

The CM ADS button

Click Missile makes placing ads a breeze with the new CM ADS button which sits right inside your WordPress Post Editor.

The Click Missile Ad Placement Plugin button

Below is the popup dialogue box which allows you to insert regular and mobile ads…

Click Missile Ads plugin for WordPress - alternate mobile ads

Auto Ad Switching for Mobile

With the CM ADS button not only can you specify an ad to appear within your page or post, you can also specify an alternate ad to show on mobiles. This is great for use with a mobile plugin such as WP Touch Pro, or responsive themes.

Tell me even more!

Laser Targeted ad widgets using Categories and Tags

Make your ads ultra-relevant to your visitors. Click Missile ad widgets can be targetted to show on posts that are assigned to specific categories or tags, so, for example, if a post is assigned to the ‘insurance’ category then you can make the ad show when any post in the insurance category is being viewed.

Monetize with Mobile Ads

Click Missile allows alternate mobile ads to be set when using the Click Missile Button, or the Click Missile Ad Widget. These ads will show when your site is displayed on a mobile smartphone such as Android, iPhone etc.

Bonus Widget Positions!

Click Missile automatically injects 5 new in-post content widget positions into any theme, which allows ad widgets to be automatically placed within posts. The widget positions are:

  • Top – the top of a post, before the content
  • Bottom – the bottom of a post, after the content
  • Positions 1, 2, 3 – map approximately to the end of paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 (depending on the minimum paragraph size setting)

In-post content widget positions can be aligned globally for the home page, pages and posts.

…and when you don’t want any ads..

Ads can be completely turned off for individual pages and posts. This is great for privacy pages, terms and conditions etc

Ad Rotation

Ads can be marked up with the [ROTATE] shortcode, so that the ad can change randomly with every page view.


Ads that are marked up with the [ROTATE] tag can also include the [NOCACHE] tag so that ads will still rotate even when a WordPress Cacheing plugin is being used.


You can easily access ads for editing in just the same way that you edit pages and posts by clicking on an ‘edit’ link which appears under each ad.