High CTR Theme Strategies with HeatMap Pro v5 (part 1)

High CTR Theme Strategies with HeatMap Pro v5 (part 1)

Are you obsessed with getting maximum CTR? Are you a complete and utter click junkie? If so then I’ve created a some new HeatMap Theme Pro v5 quick setup files which you will be keen try. These are available for download in the HeatMapTheme.com Members download area.

The Layouts

Note: There are some generic setup tips below too which apply to all of these setups.

Ad Placement Schools of Thought

There are a number of schools of thought when it comes to adsense and ad placement.

In one corner we have the ‘complete ad blitz’ crowd, determined that visitors should be presented with as many ‘in your face’ ads as possible. With the blitz approach often the site is so ugly that people will click just to get away from the thing (or thats the theory at least).

In the other corner we have the minimalists, determined to strip their info sites back to absolute basics, so there is almost nothing but text content and carefully placed ads, thus limiting visitor distraction and maximising the chance of ad reading and ad clicking.

Lets go Minimalist

Today we are taking a trip into the minimalist mind. You will notice that the Adsense Theme layouts above are very basic to say the least. Nothing fancy at all. Just text and ads.

Of course, if you feel the need, you can jazz them up a bit and make them look more authorative with a nice header logo, maybe even the occasional picture, but bear in mind that every fancy ‘doodad’ and ‘widget’ will distract the reader. Its all about balance.

Generic Setup Tips

  • The example posts are the same ones I published on get-rid-of-ants.info. I’ve included  those in the members area as a WordPress import file so you can use them as a starting point. Enjoy!
  • The Adsense Ads are mainly using the large Arial Font in my demos.
  • I’ve used the Ultimate Authority Sky skin, and I’ve changed the background to black using the Appearance > Background  feature in the WordPress dashboard.
  • There is also a little tweak in the HeatMap Dashboard > Head CSS option inlcuded in the Quick Setup file which turns the pages navigation bar from its usual pretty blue to black instead to match the background. Of course you can choose what ever Pro Skin you like and make the nav bar colour tweak whatever colour you like too.
  • The Home page uses HeatMap Theme’s featured page option, so its a page, not a post.
  • All the other content is contained in posts.
  • If you decide to replace the Site Title and Tagline with a logo to make these basic layouts look a bit fancier, make sure that you pop into the HeatMap SEO options to change the H1 tag to be the featured page title.

Have fun with these new Hi CTR layouts, and let us know how you go with them in the HeatMap Insider Forum.