High CTR Adsense Theme Strategies (part 3)

High CTR Adsense Theme Strategies (part 3)

Hi CTR Niche Skyscraper

This is a twist on the classic ‘skyscraper ad’ adsense layout.

The ads in this layout catch the visitors eye all the way down the page, plus the skyscraper also has great above the fold visibility. There’s an extra chance to capture clicks too as visitors scan for more posts in the further reading section. Super minimal. Few distractions.

A Quick Setup file for this layout is now available for download in the HeatMap Insider Members Area.

The 160 x 600 ad to the left of the content sits immediately below the post title making it very hard to miss.

The ad is very visible even as your visitor reads down the column.

Because it is embedded within the content this potentially gives the reader an extra split second to notice the ad as their eye scans back across the column to read the rest of the post (in a normal three column layout the readers eye would just drop out of the bottom of column).

The HeatMap Theme Recent Posts Plus Widget on the right encourages further reading, but again is used here without thumbnail images to limit distraction.

As the visitor scans down the right column looking for navigation options the ads immediately below catch the reader. If you are worried about breaking the Adsense TOS because you feel the ads in this column blend too well, then the setup file includes a title widget to seperate the Recent Posts widget from the ad widgets.

Variations to experiment with

You can swap the right sidebar over to the left, and move the skyscraper ad over to the right of the content as a variation to try.