Laser Targetted ad placement. The HeatMap Pro v5.1 new feature explained

Laser Targetted ad placement. The HeatMap Pro v5.1 new feature explained

HeatMap Theme Pro v5.1 has got some great new features, and one of the most exciting is ‘Laser Targetted’ ad placement (otherwise known as the HMT Ads button). It conjures up all sorts of precision weaponry images, but what exactly does that mean and how can you use it as part of your blogging arsenal?

What it really means is that you can now embed your ads directly within your individual pages and posts exactly where you think they might be most effective. It also means that you can vary where your ads are positioned in each and every post, and therefore potentially reduce ad blindness.

The magic starts with the new HMT Ads button:

When you click it, you will see a dialogue appear which allows you to inject a WordPress shortcode directly into your post.

You can select which of your ad widgets you would like to appear in the post, and also how you would like the ad aligned.

You can then click on the Insert HMT Ad button and a shortcode will be inserted directly in your post content…

..and when you view the post it would look like this:

As you can see, an ad placed in this way is very hard to avoid, so if you don’t want your site to look like it belongs to Mr Spammy Spamster then use your new power of laser targetted ad placement wisely.

Where to Embed Your Ads?

But, that brings the next question, where is the best place in your post?

Of course above the fold positions might get the most attention, and the biggest possible ad will make the it even more visible,  but, if you have content that is engaging and interesting to readers, you don’t want to bug visitors too much, and you would like to retain an air of site quality, then placing ads lower down in the content might be more appropriate for you to experiment with.

You might also consider placing ads near to ‘often-clicked’ links, bullet pointed lists, or images that are embedded within your posts (be careful though not to b break the Google TOS though when doing that).

Tools which might help you find where visitors are clicking

To uncover where your visitor are really clicking without having to read through reams of statistics then the Click Heat Dynamo plugin is worth a look. It generates a HeatMap diagram which makes it super easy to visualise visitor behviour.

Have fun with the new HMT Ads button. If you are into being strategic and optimising your ad placment to the max you are going to absolutely love this new feature.