MailChimp Plugin modded for HeatMap Theme

MailChimp Plugin modded for HeatMap Theme

Happy new year HeatMapsters!

Well its the time of year when we all start making new years resolutions and my resolution during 2011 is to use my email list to communicate better with everyone. Yes, I know these days people like to subscribe to RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter and all manner of other social networks, but when all is said and done the good old email newsletter is still one of the most efficient ways to communicate.

So here is my New Years Present to you…

A modded Mailchimp plugin for HeatMap Theme (member access)

I need a Widget!

So that new visitors can subscribe to my email newsletter I needed a widget of some kind that can integrate my Mailchimp email list account with a signup form I can place in sidebar of

I looked around to find something to fit the bill in the WordPress Free Plugin Repository, and found a plugin created by MailChimp and Crowd Favourite, and, while it is quite neat, it wasn’t quite neat enough for HeatMap Theme, and so, obsessive compulsive tweaker that I am, I set about making it a bit more flexible, with a few more useful options so that it will be a better fit for HeatMap Theme.

Hopefully you will find this plugin useful too. Of course you will need a Mailchimp account to use this plugin

MailChimp Modded for HeatMap

So whats the difference between the original version and the HeatMap Modded version?

Logo URL

If you take a peek at the mailing list sign up widget on this site you’ll see that there is an image included above the form (‘HeatMap Inside Information’). You can include an image like this by filling out the new Logo URL field which I have added to the plugin.

When creating an image for this purpose make it 300px wide.

More Colour Options

The original version only allowed you to change a few colour parameters. The modded version allows you to change lots more form elements colours.

Required Fields asterisk has been removed

I figure that if you are putting up a mailing list signup form then really all the fields that you are asking for should be required. My philosophy is to ‘ask for what you need and nothing more’.

HeatMap Theme Styling

Corners have been rounded, and the subscribe button gradiented.

Usage Tips

I styled the widget so that it works well in the [WideBar] Top position. Using it in other positions may look weird.

Download (Member Access)

Go to the MailChimp Modded for HeatMap download page

*PLEASE NOTE – When you have installed this plugin ignore the WordPress Plugin Update message. Doing the auto upgrade will just install the original version from the WordPress repository and delete this modded plugin. ack!

Update! 12/4/11 – There is now an updated version which does not nag you to download the latest version from the WordPress Repository. Log onto the forum and then go here to download the plugin.