Home Page Mod: Featured Page plus Sidebar

Home Page Mod: Featured Page plus Sidebar

This mod adds the following functionality to HeatMap Theme Pro v4:

  • No blog posts are shown below the featured page on the Homepage
    but in addition…
  • The Homepage still shows the featured page and sidebar (as per usual)

HeatMapTheme.com is an example of this mod in action. Notice that on the home page there are no posts below the featured page.

This mod is can be used in conjunction with the blog page template so that the blog posts themselves are accessible from the main page navigation rather than being shown on the home page.

This kind of arrangement is useful when you only want to show a sales page on the home page, but still and have your posts accessible from the menu (check the nav bar of this site for an example – you can see the blog page in the menu).

Mod Download / Installation Instructions:

Featured Page plus Sidebar (member access)