Pushing HeatMap Theme to the max!

Pushing HeatMap Theme to the max!

Online Art Course - DrawPj.com

*Update – please note that this post refers to a site created with HeatMap Theme v3.

Just recently I’ve been creating a new site, DrawPj.com, using my very own HeatMap Theme.

Its always refreshing to take the theme and then mod it and mold it until so it does new things that it didn’t before. In fact DrawPj.com doesn’t really have any ads at all, it’s an online art course site, but still HeatMap Theme was up for the job!

Some of the tweaks I’ve made to construct DrawPj.com may well make it into future versions of the theme as permanent features.

Anyway, hop on over to DrawPj.com and have a look, and, if you are a subscribed Heatmap Insider member and you want the inside skinny on anything that I’ve done there, then do drop me a line.

Oh BTW, the client is very happy with it. The client also happens to be my wife. Phew!