Completely Customisable Menus in New Version

Completely Customisable Menus in New Version

Update – Please note this post refers to legacy version 3.0.5a. HeatMap Theme Pro v4 also supports the WordPress 3 menu manager.

Heatmap 3.0.5a is now the official new stable release, and fully supports the excting new WordPress Menu Manager, that now ships with WordPress 3.

This is great news for everyone who has yearned for more control over exactly what pages, categories and links are shown on the Heatmap Drop Down menus.

So if you have a yearning for more control (muhaha!) and you are still rocking the free download HeatMap Version 2.5.4 then its time to head over to the HeatMap Theme Store and get yourself a membership.

Custom drop down menu power can now be yours!

1 Comment on “Completely Customisable Menus in New Version

  1. On date 30.6.10 I activated your 2.5.4 version of HeatMap and by end of the day My Ad sense account was approved for which I was trying since last 1 year.

    The only way to thank you is that soon I will join your membership forum.