Fully Customisable Drop Down Menus in HeatMap 3.0.5a beta

Fully Customisable Drop Down Menus in HeatMap 3.0.5a beta

Update – Please note that this post refers to legacy version 3.0.5. HeatMap Theme Pro v4 also supports fully customisable drop down menus.

WordPress 3.0 is nearly here, so its time to have another look at the new menu manager, and integrate that lovely new feature fully into the HeatMap Theme drop down menus.

Version 3.0.5a beta allows both the pages nav bar and the categories nav bar to be fully customised using the new WordPress 3.0 menu manager. You can still use the old menu system too if you prefer your drop down menus to be automatically generated.

So, WordPress 3.0 beta testers start your engines! Custom WordPress dropdown menus are here!

As ever, the beta is available from the Heatmap Insider Beta Downloads area.

2 Comments on “Fully Customisable Drop Down Menus in HeatMap 3.0.5a beta

  1. I have just started playing with this theme and version (on a test site). It seems quite promising and I expect it will pay for itself rather quickly. My old theme, “Amazing Grace”, was/is great, but I had to tweak enough that I fell behind on versions, also AG doesn’t seem to support WP 3.0 anytime soon.

    So it was time to shop for another Theme and something flexible but not requiring too many code tweaks. I am going to try to keep all of my tweaks in widgets or at least document them very well so I can keep up-to-date.

    Anyway, I just wanted to point out that in order to use the customized menu features you need to be sure you check the option “Activate Custom Page Nav?” and/or “Activate Custom Categories Nav?” under “Appearance” > “HeatMap Options” > “Navigation Options”. Of course, you need to build a custom menu properly as well.

  2. Thats right, you do have to turn on the new menus (so that the theme is backward compatible with older versions).

    Check out the section in the user guide on creating child themes, if you want to keep your mods seperate from the main theme.