HeatMap Theme 2.2 and Drop Down Menus released

HeatMap Theme 2.2 is now available for download from HeatMapTheme.com. It will be available from the WordPress.org theme directory in a few days.

This release includes some new features and improvements…

  • Compatible with the new HeatMapTheme Drop Down Menus Plugin which is available from the HeatMap Theme store as part of the HeatMap Theme Colour Pack.
  • New ‘Preset Mode’ for people who like to hack the sidebar using php instead of using widgets (also doubling as a demo mode for HeatMap Theme) – this replaces the original demo mode idea from 2.2rc & rc2.
  • Supports 125 x 125 ads in [Sidebar] Right.
  • Save buttons everywhere in the HeatMap options page (to save lots of scrolling when you want to save the settings).
  • A neater less intrusive post details section, on posts and pages.
  • A diagram of all HeatMap Theme widget positions in the HeatMap Theme options page, linking directly to the user guide for widget positions (where you can find a larger diagram).
  • RSS images are now TRANSPARENT gifs – when surfing the web looking at what people are doing with their HeatMap Theme installations we noticed that people were having trouble matching the colours of the RSS images to their custom backgrounds for the cat-bar, so we’ve changed them to transparent gifs so you can avoid that colour matching headache.
  • Direct links to the Authors of each post have been removed – Why? I was uneasy about the  implications of using the_author_posts_link() to return the author of each article as it reveals the username of the author (a feature of WordPress that I think needs to change). Don’t worry; if you do like things that way –  you can just uncomment the relevant code and all will be as before