HeatMap Ads Theme Makeover for StuartWider.com

My blog has had a HeatMap Theme makeover!
My blog has had a HeatMap Theme makeover!

I’ve finally had time to make over stuartwider.com (my personal blog site). Naturally it’s entirely built on HeatMap Theme, using the power of Child Themes so I didn’t have to touch the core code, not even a tiny bit!

When I get a spare minute I’ll create a tutorial to show you how it was done. It feels very ‘me’ (sorta retro colour 80’s).

I built HeatMap Ads Theme specifically so it could be a ‘blank canvas’ for monetised themeing adventures, especially the ‘wallpaper image’. By popping a new wallpaper in the theme you can quickly create a very individual look.

Let me know what you think, and if you are on a WordPress themeing adventure of your own with HeatMap Theme drop us a line.

7 Comments on “HeatMap Ads Theme Makeover for StuartWider.com

  1. Stuart,

    I originally had most of my Adsense on the right side of my blog or in the right sidebar. When I decided to change most over to the left side of the blog and left sidebar my ctr with adsense jumped up 400%…no exageration.

    I cringe when I think about how much money I lost by not switching over sooner.

  2. Yes, popping those ads right in top left can make a real difference. With HeatMap Theme right now it is possible to do this using the [content item] left widget position. I designed HMT specifically so people could experiment to find an optimal ad position for their content. There’s always room for even more positioning flexibility though πŸ˜‰

    You’ve just reminded me I should pop a feature in a new version of HMT which will allow the sidebar to be pushed to the left or the right.

  3. Stuart, I really like your theme! I am new to WordPress and only switched themes last week, but so far it’s been super easy to customize. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Lubos,
      Just checked your site… and now I’m feeling hungry πŸ™‚ Good to see someone customising the wallpaper on the theme. πŸ™‚

  4. Stuart,

    Just dropped by to give you props on the new HeatMap Theme. You’ve done a great job combining all the key elements for an SEO, ad ready site.


  5. Loving the theme! Not using “adsense” but other ads and it works fine. Again, great job Stuart!