HeatMap Theme makes the most popular list on WordPress.org

most-popularAs I write HeatMap Theme has just made the most popular list on the WordPress.org themes directory. After a week the theme has been downloaded over 2000 times!

It may be 2nd from the bottom right now, but at HeatMapTheme.com we’re cracking open a small bottle of virtual champagne for this milestone!

Particular thanks go to all of you who are doing the right thing by either, retaining the credit link or making a credit link removal donation. Your support does make a difference.

Also many thanks to those who are valuing my time by donating for help received or donating because you are just absolutely luvvin’ your HeatMap Theme!

Thanks for your support and thanks for downloading people!

1 Comment on “HeatMap Theme makes the most popular list on WordPress.org

  1. Let me say this, i was skeptical on using this theme to begin with as my previous theme was perfect except I mistakenly edited a part and could not remember it.

    So after scouring wp.org, i found heatmap, installed and started to edit the php codes, use the heatmap option.

    After a grueling 15 mins, my site theme has changed. This is fantastic as it took me a minimum of 2 hours to edit any theme.

    To the heatmap crew, good job.