Child Theme Installation

The HeatMap Theme child themes are now available from the HeatMap Theme Store as part of the HeatMap Insider Membership.

Child Theme –  Downloaded Zip file Installation

  1. Make sure you have already installed HeatMap Theme before you install a child theme.
  2. Download a child theme zip file from the Heatmap Insider downloads forum.
  3. In your WordPress Admin page navigation (to the left of your dashboard) click on APPEARANCE.
  4. The MANAGE THEMES page will appear. Click on ADD NEW (next to the Manage Themes page heading).
  5. The INSTALL THEMES page will appear. Click on the Upload link (appears underneath the Install Themes heading).
  6. You will see Install a Theme in .zip format and a Browse button. Click on the Browse Button.
  7. Navigate to find the location of where you saved the child theme zip file and select it.
  8. Click on the Install Now button.
  9. The child theme will now be installed. Click on the ACTIVATE link to activate the theme.

Trouble Shooting

Using Child Themes with the free Heatmap Theme version 2.5.x

I recommend that you upgrade to the version 3.x.x series to use child themes, however, if you want to stick with using the 2.5.x series you can still use the child themes if you rename the folder in which the free version resides on your server using either your web host file managers or ftp. Find the folder heatmap-adsense-theme (in wp-content/themes) and rename it to heatmaptheme.

Destination folder already exists
Theme Install Failed

This means that you already have a previous version of a Child Theme installed in a folder which has the same name as the one you are trying to install.  In order to install the updated version you will need to rename the existing child theme  folder on your web host to something else, either through your web host file manager, or by connecting with your web host via ftp. Your child theme folder will be found in your WordPress installation folders under wp-content/themes.

Once you have renamed the folder you will be able to upload the zip file as per normal.

Getting a template missing error?

Your folder structure on your server should look like this…
(if your folders look any different to this the child theme will not work!)

--> themes
    --> heatmaptheme
    --> heatmaptheme-child-theme-name

and for those that like pictures,  here’s an example using the Flag Patriot child theme…


  • Only copy the Child Theme folder into the main WordPress themes folder.
  • Do not put your child theme into the Heatmap Theme folder!

Manual installation (via FTP) – EXPERTS ONLY

  1. Unzip the  zip file first and then copy the child theme folder to your wp-content/themes folder on your server (usually via FTP).
  2. *IMPORTANT*: Make sure the folder in which the original HeatMap theme is installed is named heatmaptheme. If it is named  heatmap-adsense-theme (or anything else) then please rename it to heatmaptheme otherwise the child theme will not work!
  3. Activate the Child Theme in your Adminstration [Appearance -> Themes] Menu.
  4. Your Child Theme is good to go, and you will see its details listed in the HeatMap Options Page.