Ad and Link Units

Just in case you are new to Adsense, here’s a quick recap on what ‘Ad Units’, ‘Link Units’ are all about..

In Google terminology:

Ads Units are the ads that generally come in square or rectangular format (banners ads, skyscraper ads etc). Google lets you have up to three ad units  in any one page.

Link Units are the ads that appear as either horizontal or vertical ‘menu-like’ lists of links. Again, Google lets you have three link units in any one page.

If you try to add more than your allocated amount of ad or link units codes  to a single web page on your blog then Google will just ignore them.

The Ad Code Areas

HeatMap Options -> Adsense Ad Units

Single Ad Unit Box

Now that you know the above you’ll start to get a few more clues about the layout of the HeatMap Theme Options page. Its divided up in three main ad code areas, with 3 boxes for adsense ad unit codes, 3 boxes for link unit codes, and just as an extra bonus six boxes where you can add any extra ads code you like (whether that be from Adsense or any other advertising network)

In actual fact HeatMap Theme doesn’t really care what kinds of ad code you place in these boxes, y0u can put whatever you like in there. The divisions between the boxes are just there to remind you that you can only ever have a maximum of three ad units and three link units (as defined by Google rules) on any one page.

You might also want to place other ads on your site (such as affiliate ads) that are not subject to the adsense limits so hence the extra boxes that are available there called  ‘Additional Ad Units’, but again remember the divisions between the different boxes is just an ‘aide memoire’; You can in fact put any code in any boxes you like for any ad network.

Ad Box Options

In each options page ad box there are three things for you to play with…

The Ad Name

Ad Unit Name

You can name your ad anything you like. The name that you type here becomes the name of a widget which you can then assign to a widget position on your HeatMap Theme through the Appearance -> Widgets menu.

The Code Block

Ad Unit Code Block

This is where you paste the code generated from you Google Adsense account.

The Page Display Settings


You can select which types of pages you would like your ads to display on. For example, you might want to only display ads on your posts, in which case you just select the Post option. You can of course select all settings here to have ads appear on every page on your blog. Its important to note that the ‘Archive’ setting refers to any kind of archive page, including pages generated by a request for an archive page or a tag page. There’s no 404 page setting here, but Adsense won’t place ads on your site’s 404 error page anyway.

Time to head over to your Adsense Account…

Okay, it’s time head over to your Adsense Account, generate your ad codes, and then pop them into your theme options page. Make sure you give each ad a nice clear name, so you can tell exactly which ad is which when you visit your Widgets page (Appearance -> Widgets) to and assign each ad to a Widget Position on your HeatMap Theme.

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