Ad Placement Strategies of Top Adsense Publishers: The Blended Numbered List

Does Google play fair with small volume website publishers? Is there one rule for the Big Guys, and another set of rules for the little guys?

How The Biggest Adsense Publishers do it

Just check out this page at Notice how the ad beneath the recipe appears to be a custom width and a custom font. hmmm.  Maybe not quite Adsense TOS compliant as far as I can see – if you are just a regular Joe Webmaster that is.

The VIP Adsense Lounge

The good news for smaller publishers is that if you do eventually hit the big time with Google, then it seems there is some kind of VIP adsense lounge where formatting rules are but a distant memory and all the worlds web fonts are your oyster.

So what can regular Joe Webmaster do?

Well, we can work with what we do have, and emulate the strategies of the priveledged adsense publishers within what we are allowed to do ourselves.

A New Series of Adsense Placement Tips

So here we are, launching the first tip in this new series of Ad Placement Strategies of Top Adsense Publishers.

Drum roll please. Its the…

The Blended Numbered List

So lets revisit the page at, and take note of the blended list and adsense ad below the recipe. Can we emulate this kind of blending in HeatMap? Yes we can; Here’s a basic example…

So as you can see the indented post text, and the ad align perfectly, allowing the eye to run down the list and fall naturally to the ad.

This kind of arrangement could work great for sites that contain Top Ten lists, Recipes, Jokes etc etc, Any kind of content that is list like is potentially good for this type of arrangement.

How its done…

First of all I’d recommend putting the HeatMap Theme into squeeze mode, with sidebars on so that you get a nice narrow column for the eye to drop down. Then place your ad in the [Content Item] Below widget position.

Your ad code block should contain a simple tweak as shown below in order to push the ad further to the right and thus align the ad and text perfectly:

Things to Note

When implementing this tip remember that for average Joe Webmaster, the Adsense TOS rules apply, and Google doesn’t like ads to be confused with content, so make sure that you differentiate your content and ads in some way. In the above example the ad links are a different colour from the numbered point items. If I wanted some extra safety I’d also add a touch more space at the top with a margin-top:10px appended to the style declaration in the ad code above.

So, go to it, try it out, let me know how it works for you.

Until next time.

See you in the VIP Adsense Lounge.

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